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Windstar's "Casual Elegance" breeds relaxation. The "Casual Elegance" design comrises three ingredients: the ship design , combined with the on board environment, creating the "Casual Elegance" attitude.

The Ship Design - each ship, framed in striking white sails, is elegant, graceful... but designed to be functional and comfortable. There are public and private places. Lots of light and air, ocean views everywhere. Simple and superb - all outside cabins, all one category. An inviting layout, easy to get around. The natural fabrics and rich woods are impeccably maintained - and you may pass a priceless Rauschenberg on your way to the sports platform. This beautiful ship design stimulates a unique environment....

The Environment - Unregimented. Unstructured. Giving you the freedom to choose to have all the privacy you want, or to be pampered. Service that is attentive when you need it to be. A warm, smiling
staff that gets to know what you like. The bridge is most always open for your visit. There are many activities at hand , but never imposed. No assigned seating in The Restaurant. And what can be more casual than merely signing for on-board purchases? Guests feel like this is their ship, their yacht. The environment inspires the attitude...

The Attitude - "Casual Elegance" is an attitude, brought about by a luxurious ship design and an environment of freedom...allowing guests to relax and enjoy their vacations as they would like. The attitude is found in our staff and our guests. Our staff members are efficient in an unassuming, relaxed way. They are respectful of our guests. Flexible. Approachable. And experienced in knowing people, and the role service plays in the enjoyment of their vacation.